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12/09/2017: Sensational September!

Even though the weather is going to start getting colder soon, don`t worry about it because we still have plenty of sunshine to enjoy in September.

The kids have gone back to school so we now have some time to think about our own needs. Preparing our families for the first day of term - and sometimes the first day of school - can take it out of us. Therefore, allowing our minds to switch from 'all-go' to 'hold-on-a-moment' gives us a break to think about what we want to achieve with our days.

Parenting is a role that takes all of us all of the time but even super-parents need to take a brain-break. A simple ten minute meditation or a brisk walk outside to see the start of the autumnal coloures take hold is often all we need to recharge.

For tips on 'taking a moment out', do get in touch with us soon.

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