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Image: 17 - The holidays are almost here. How about bringing back a new you with the duty-frees?

The annual summer holiday is one chance that everyone gets to catch up with reading and relax with a good book. What will your holiday reading list contain? Blockbusters? Biographies? Comedy? Chick-lit? How about something that is going to have a profound effect on the way you live and work?

Holidays are also times to reflect, regroup and recharge the batteries for the next onslaught of work. Well, what if you could prepare to reduce the impact of that work? Chariots on Fire has helped many readers to change the emphasis from fire-fighting to strategic living and working, helping them to find more time for the tasks, more time for their families and more time for themselves. Buy a copy now at The Endless Bookcase, put it in your suitcase now and be ready to start doing things your way.

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