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Inspirational Speaker - Empowerment for Abbey Wood, West Heath, Crossness

Over the past 30 years, Gina Gardiner has worked with hundreds of individuals, small companies and larger organisations, helping business men and women fulfil their personal and professional potential. Gina's ability to educate, inspire, challenge and make her audience laugh has made her one of the UK's most respected inspirational speakers, leaving people excited by what she has to say, motivated by her 'can do' culture and better equipped to deal with any challenging issues life may throw at them.

Gina's particular areas of expertise are maximising leadership and strategic planning, inspiring delegates to widen their outlook in order to take on effective methods of problem solving, team work and ultimately lead a healthier and more successful life both at work and at home. Her presentations make allowances for a wide range of business sectors, engaging in real life scenarios as opposed to the dry theory of a text book.

Speaking from Experience

Seeing old things in a new way is something Gina was forced to discover the hard way when a ski accident in February 1983 took its toll on her mobility, leaving her wheel-chair bound by 1989. A Head Teacher of a primary school at the time, Gina looks back on how she continued her leadership role, "I loved my job but I had to consider the affects my circumstances would have on the school children and my staff," Gina explains, "If I was to continue I knew I had to change my way of thinking. My injuries affected my energy levels and mobility and being in a wheelchair limited my access to the classrooms. In order to overcome these challenges I had to strategically plan ahead to find longer term solutions and develop the potential of my staff both as individuals and as a team. It was this which underpinned our ongoing success."

Along with 20 years experience in leadership and management, Gina is also an inspirational author, a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a qualified coach. In all areas of speaking, consultancy, training and coaching, Gina's work takes on a practical, jargon free approach which has been tailored to suit a variety of organisations including schools, the National Health Service, local government, Capita, Microsoft, Gleeds, Ketco, Estuary Housing, Essex University and a number of smaller companies and individuals.

Promoting change through self-awareness, Gina uses strategies and techniques of NLP to empower emergent, middle and senior managers. As an expert in personal and professional development, both key factors in driving business performance, Gina has become a highly-valued on-going resource after her speaker sessions.
Gina's speeches, workshops and programs can be tailored to the needs of individual organisations. Approaches are as varied as a a thirty to ninety minute keynote speech, a half day corporate workshop to a two day live-in program. Gina believes that a different way of thinking can make all the difference; "With the right perspective on life, there are ways and means of achieving your goals."

To find out how Gina Gardiner can work with you, call her on 01206 230 497, or email by clicking the header of any page.

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