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Gina Gardiner - Books for Docklands, Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs, Limehouse, Blackwall

A reference library to support your personal development
Gina has published a number of books on the subjects of leadership and personal development. These are available to buy online in paperback format. Additionally, there is a range of self-help CDs aimed at tackling many of the common problems faced by those trying to make their way in the world.

Chariots on Fire - Creating the Positive Advantage
From the first page you recognise that Gina is talking about you. In a frank and honest way, Gina shows us how we so easily doubt ourselves and are often harder on ourselves than we are on others. However, she also shows you how you can change your thought process with simple strategies that helped her overcome her own adversities to have a more fulfilling and happier life, even when difficulties arise. This is a must read for anyone who has negative or self-limiting beliefs and wants to know how they can change their thought processes from "I can't" to "I can".

Chariots on Fire is available online from:

The Endless Bookcase

Gina has published a number of books on the subjects of leadership and personal development. These are available to buy online in paperback format. Additionally, there is a range of self-help CDs aimed at tackling many of the common problems faced by those trying to make their way in the world.

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Testimonials - What Readers are Saying about Chariots on Fire

Caroline Foster

"Frank, open, disarmingly honest, gloriously practical, eminently doable, funny, gentle, encouraging, challenging and incredibly human book. L Bretton

This book is an inspiration and Gina is a testament to overcoming obstacles,?becoming organized and getting the best out of life!

Karen Day (Banker)

"I didn't expect to rate this book - reckoning that I manage people and things perfectly well. But Gina's story of overcoming adversity is simply inspirational. Not just by force of character either, although that's clearly not lacking. There is much wisdom here, and we should all pay attention to what she's learned and, in this book, is passing on."

AM Scott

"This book is be a 'must have' read and a source of inspiration to anyone who doubts their capabilities and frequently utters words such as: I can't do such and such because I'm too old, not clever enough or can't afford it.'

Gina Gardiner gives a frank account of her personal life experiences and obstacles and illustrates, with practical examples and suggestions, how the reader can also be 'a winner in the game of life.

Pavlenka Small

"A clever piece of writing using considered theories from her significant personal health and life challenges, and transposing them so well into a practical know-how. This is a work of authentic passion and a determined spirit to inspire the readers self-empowerment."

Eamonn Downey "International Lecturer

"Good health is a positive state of wellbeing - "Chariots on Fire" will undoubtedly help you find a way".

Professor Leslie J Findley, consultant neurologist (MD, MRCS, DRCOG, DCH, FRCP)

"In Gina's new book she tells a personal story of overcoming adversity and harnessing the energy of the event into a positive outcome. Couple this with Gina's acute talent for tactical and strategic planning and you have a recipe for success for anyone struggling to find a way past their current challenges."

Gavin Perrett
Director of Liddle Perrett Worldwide Ltd

"A brilliant book which challenges the reader to view things from a different perspective and is filled with so many simple and practical ways to enhance every aspect of your life. Truly inspirational!"

Alison Scott Corporate Governance & Support Manager & PA to NPSA Chairman?

"Gina is a hugely inspirational lady with a heart of purest gold. Her story will move you and educate you, as she pulls off that rare trick of marrying hope and inspiration with practical grounded-ness."

Joel Young, Author, Speaker & Creator of NPA (Non-Personal Awareness)

"This is a?real inspiration book, re-awakening one's?aspirations and?dreams, explaining realistically how one can achieve your life's desires and ambitions."Recommend it to everybody."

Tina Hallett

"Gina decided that, this is me and I can only live as a can do person. Happiness comes from positive thinking and the satisfaction of completed tasks done to the best of ones ability. This book?demonstrates exactly how that can be achieved."
Barry Hancock BA BEd MSc FRSA
Education Consultant UK Universities

"I found Chariots on Fire to be interesting, informative and inspirational. In the book Gina offers, through her own experiences, thought provoking and practical advice. Her 'mountain or mole-hill' approach has helped me to take a careful look at my attitudes, relationships and priorities, and to examine and reassess these from a more positive stance."

Hilary Sparks

"A powerful and inspiring read. There are lessons here for all of us to help us to live a happy and fulfilling life."

Cathy Brown, Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Director, Evolve Consulting Services Ltd

"A motivational and refreshing read. Seeing daily struggles through others eye makes you re-evaluate all aspects of life and want better. Charlotte
Truly inspirational book, makes me want to start my days again."

Sarah Hunter

"Enlightening, structured?read. Read and follow the steps to a happier more motivated?fulfilled life."


"Gina's book is both inspirational and motivational with many practical suggestions for the reader to use to increase his/her happiness, well-being and resilience."

Pam Lawrence Dip HSM, LCA, MISMA, MAC
Member of the International Stress Management Association UK"

"Thank you so much for your great little book. It is full of positive ideas and suggestions. I hope that I manage to do some of them already but it is certainly going to make me try to be even more upbeat than I am now. I only wish that I had read it when I was 18. I wish you every success with it"

Joy Wale

"Go on an inspiring journey ,as Gina tells you how she overcame problems that could have left her housebound and dependent on others. This book will help anyone who has felt that life has been cruel ; you can make a positive difference by harnessing your own inner strength. Gina can help you to understand that no-one need be a victim of circumstances."

Karen Prodger

"inspirational and informative"

Rosemary Kleingeld

How YOU Can Manage Your Staff More Effectively
Do you manage others at work or are you looking for promotion to a management role? Managing people is a whole different ball game which requires a very different skill set to the success which gave you your promotion.
Managing others can be challenging. Get it wrong and the results can be disastrous, causing lots of stress and aggravation along the way. Get it right and productivity and profitability rise, by managing others effectively you can also save yourself time, money, aggravation and stress.
"How YOU Can Manage Your Staff More Effectively offers a comprehensive set of practical strategies for managers to help get the very best of their staff as individuals and as a team.
How YOU Can Manage Your Staff More Effectively is available online from:
The Endless Bookcase

Kick start Your Career
Whether you are looking for a job or want to make the very best of the position you have, "Kick Start Your Career" can help.
"Kick Start Your Career" is designed for people who are ambitious and want to create a successful career for themselves. It is a, no nonsense, jargon free manual full of practical ideas and strategies to help you get the job you want and to make a success of it from day one.
"Kick Start" provides advice and support to help you to manage your time effectively and to become a consummate professional. Everything in the book has been tried and tested in a variety of organisations; it is a distillation of over 30 years’ experience of developing leadership at every level.
You will find it useful to read the book as part of your preparation for starting your job or as part of your Induction Programme. It is also very useful to use the book as a "How To" guide if you are tackling a new skill, such as giving presentations or chairing a meeting.
The book covers themes which will support your development from novice to confident professional looking for promotion.
Kick Start Your Career is available online from:
The Endless Bookcase
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