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Gina Gardiner Associates - Business Development & Coaching for Walworth, Elephant & Castle, Newington

For business leaders wanting to increase productivity, profit and growth

"An impressive coach and exceptional mentor who has developed an innovative and exemplary training programme for emerging and middle managers." - Investors in People

How successful do you want your business to be?

It's a well-known fact that while you are working in your business � you're not working on your business � so how can you address the balance, especially if you're spending the majority of your time fire-fighting?

Gina Gardiner Associates provides a range of business development and coaching techniques that can help you address the balance to increase productivity, profit and growth.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Gina Gardiner Associates Business Development and Coaching sessions. Whether you are in the early stages of planning and setting up your business, or managing change and growth in a more established company, Gina Gardiner's objective view of the situation and clear thinking can bring about rapid progress and results.

Gina Gardiner has worked with sole-traders, small and medium sized businesses and a number of multi-national organisations including Microsoft, CAPITA, The National College of School Leadership, DFES and The Cabinet Office, and has a proven track record of success and growth for those companies who have adopted her methodical approach together with with strategic planning, monitoring and performance reviews.

Gina also lectures regularly at Essex University Business School on a wide range of leadership themes.

As part of the Gina Gardiner Associates programme, an assessment is carried out on the many different areas of your business including staff management, delegation, strategic planning, effective leadership and business relationships, enabling Gina Gardiner Associates to help you identify the weaker areas of your organisation and show you the techniques to employ to raise perceptions, and increase staff morale and productivity so you can enjoy greater customer and employee satisfaction.
It is part of Gina's ethos that the people in your business are its life blood, Gina believes (and it has been proven) that if you invest in an on-going regimen of training, coaching and mentoring, your staff will repay your investment in them time and time again.
As every team presents different challenges, Gina Gardiner Associates offer a training programme that is unique, created around the needs and resources of your business. Typically, the programmes include elements of:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Creating and sharing the vision
  • Creating a "Can Do" culture
  • Appointing for success - recruitment strategy and techniques
  • Communications skills for all
  • Effective delegation
  • Recognising and developing potential
  • Confidence, assertiveness and accountability
  • Effective use of time, engery and money
  • Increased profitability
Call us now on 01206 230497 or click in the header of any page to email us and book a free, no-obligation initial assessment session

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