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Gina Gardiner Associates - Recovering Workaholics for Mill Hill, Arkley

Proven solutions to change the way you work and live
"There Is Only One You - Make the Most of Yourself"
Whether you are working your way up the career ladder or are at the top of your profession, getting the work life balance right can sometimes seem impossible.

If you have deadlines to meet on a regular basis or just the sheer volume of work keeps you at your desk for more hours than you are contractually obligated, your personal life maybe be suffering. Not only can your working hours affect your home life and that of your loved ones, there may come a point when you are left feeling worn out and unfulfilled.

Gina Gardiner Associates can help you readdress the balance. Many individuals may worry that a change in behaviour may affect their productivity and output but Gina Gardiner believes it can have the opposite effect. Finding ways to achieve fulfilment in the other aspects of your life can actually help improve your productivity at work.

By holding up a mirror to you, your work life, your family life and personal relationships, Gina patiently guides clients through the process of listening to themselves to see how changes can be made for the better. The motivating effect of identifying what needs to be done can be dramatic and empowering. Very often clients find not only improved performance at work or sport, but also that improvements in their human relationships and quality of life are attained by shedding limiting beliefs that may have been held subconsciously for years.

Some of the issues and behaviours Gina has helped clients review includes:

  • Career path decisions
  • Personal motivation
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem and personal empowerment
  • Redundancy issues
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Getting away from limiting beliefs
  • Time management
  • Differentiating between urgent and important issues
  • Dealing with conflict and criticism
  • Problem solving skills
Gina Gardiner Associates' methods with workaholics have helped many people to put their lives in perspective and establish, then maintain, a reasonable work life balance. Achieve more by doing less!

To start becoming the you, you always wanted to be, call us now on 01206 230497. There is more information at Recovering Workaholics Website
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