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Gina Gardiner Associates - Strategic Planning for Business for Rainham

Are you too busy cutting down trees to sharpen the saw? So many businesses are trapped by day to day troubleshooting to achieve the success that they deserve. Strategic planning isn't just for big corporations though, every business of every size needs to identify goals and put measures in place to make sure that those goals are met.

Too busy to plan ahead? So many people believe that they are. OK, how about taking a few minutes out to talk to me about how you can make the time to plan, then become more efficient with monitoring of goals and performance built into your daily routine with no additional time cost?

It doesn't need to cost ao fortune either.

The way I work with businesses on strategic planning is on a fixed cost monthly basis, so that you know there will be no surprises or open-ended per hour billing. We meet on a regular basis to set specific targets and coals in line with your overall business objectives, then organise training and one to one coaching of the people involved to help them achieve what is necessary. Regular monitoring and measurement sessions are built in and overall efficiencies more often than not improve so that you will not need to find any additional time to make things happen your way.

If you don't use all the hours included in your monthly package they can be carried over to meet future needs. Keeping this flexibility makes sure that your package of assessment, goal setting and coaching is tailored exactly to your needs at the time.

Call me now on 01206 230497 or click in the header of any page to send me an email and it will be my pleasure to call back and start the ball rolling towards your business goal.