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Gina Gardiner Associates - Lifestyle & Career Coaching for West Hampstead, Kilburn, Queen's Park, Brondesbury

With her remarkable background in education and development, Gina has worked with businesses of all sizes throughout the country, and particularly in West Hampstead. Her work has involved helping organisations become teams of highly developed, highly motivated, focused people in order to make the most of the human resources that they have available.<br /><br />As well as her work with employers in graduate and personnel development, Gina has worked with hundreds of individuals facing career, professional and personal issues. A major part of this work has been in helping people to recognise that they have become workaholic and helping them to put this into perspective and re-focus their lives to achieve the balance that is perfect for them. Gina also works face to face and remotely with graduates seeking to take their early steps on the career ladder, from help in deciding their direction, through CV writing and interview techniques.<br /><br />Although still based within easy reach of West Hampstead, Gina's work has taken her all over the world and she has a number of books to her credit that are designed to help people help themselves. To find out how Gina can help you, call 01206 230497 or click in the header to send an email to

Photo from Featured Project near West Hampstead

<p>In a world where life coaches are hell-bent on convincing you that creating your best life is all about buying into their philosophy, their program and their products, Gina Gardiner is an anomaly. Instead of convincing you that she is the answer to your problems, Gina knows that the only person capable of finding a solution is you.</p><h4>Get the right perspective</h4><p>Why is it that we can give out the best advice, but struggle to listen to it ourselves? When helping friends and family overcome obstacles, we look at the situation from an outside perspective, but when it comes to our own problems, many of us just don't find the time to look at our lives in the same way. This is where coaching can help ? making the time you need for you.<br><br>Whether you wish to build your confidence, overcome stress, be more sociable or realise your ambitions, Gina's relaxed and friendly life coaching sessions help people get from where they are to where they would like to be with incredible results.<br><br>Gina strongly believes that a different way of thinking can make all the difference. She says, "With the right perspective on life, there are ways and means of achieving your goals."<br><br>Consultations can be conducted either face-to-face at Gina's offices in Ardleigh or over the telephone. If you are interested in maximizing your potential, stepping out of that 'holding pattern' and being privately coached by Gina, call to arrange an appointment now. </p>
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