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07/07/2011: Perception ? Cup Half Empty v Cup Half Full
Change your perception and you change your reality. It is your choice whether you see the cup half empty or the cup half full; Whether you choose to be empowered or diminished. Many people fail to recognise that it is entirely their choice but every choice even making no active choice has consequences.

Let me demonstrate what I mean: I use a wheelchair. For many it is seen as something denoting a lack and is a very negative thing. I choose to see things very differently. For me it is a Chariot On Fire. It is an enabler, something which gives me the opportunity o get out there and take a full part in life.

Think about the two alternatives. They have a very different energy about them and with each perception comes a very different attitude to life.

We get more of the things we focus on. If you focus on lack and what you don?t or can?t have you are always going to feel that life has let you down, that things are bad and that you have to be a victim to circumstance. When you focus on what is going well and what you can do it offers a sense of possibility and hope. This sense of optimism has far reaching effects on our sense of well being, it stimulates the brain and the immune system to work more effectively and when applied consistently leaves you feeling empowered and energised.

What you do is your choice so if you?d like help in achieving a positive perspective in life email me by clicking in the header of any page

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