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03/06/2013: Optimism - Does it Matter?

There is a great deal of research which supports the view that people who are optimistic are hard wired to focus on success rather than basing their decisions on fear of failing. Optimists are generally more creative, they look for solutions rather than just focusing and dwelling on the problem. There is an impact on health and well- being too, those people who describe themselves as being optimistic were found to have stronger immune systems and took less time off work.

Optimists showed through the research that they were more focused on the present and future whilst pessimists were firmly focused on the past and worrying about things which might never happen. Pessimists also took longer to bounce back after a challenge.

I think it is important to make the distinction that when talking of optimism it is not referring to people who plough on blindly with no regard to risk. Optimists belong to the cup half full school of thinking but should also have a well developed sense of perspective: be able to identify potential problems and ook for ways to avoid or to solve them.

It may be helpful to consider as an individual how comfortable we are with uncertainty. It is a paradox that there are only three constants, death, taxes and change. Being comfortable with uncertainty is a challenge but one which can be managed with strategic thinking and planning.

Can you learn to be more optimistic?
I believe it is possible to learn how to get the best out of life and in achieving success go on to strengthen one's belief in anything being possible. This in turn has I know helped many of my clients who considered themselves to be less than positive in their outlook to have a whole new perspective on life - one which is far more optimistic.

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