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18/06/2013: How much should I charge?

I work with lots of coaches and one self- limiting belief which comes up again and again is the belief that it is difficult to ask for money in exchange for coaching or providing therapy.
Having an understanding of the value of what you offer is only part of the issue. Money is simply another form of energy.- it like time can only be used once. Both time and energy have a value and it is interesting how often people under value it particularly when talking about their own. There are so many limiting beliefs about money: how it doesn't grow on trees, that we don't deserve it, that money is at the root of all evil , wealth is intrinsically dirty or difficult to achieve, the list goes on and on .
How long have you studied and practiced your skill? What value do you put on your time, energy and expertise? If you don't value it how do you expect your clients to value it? If they lack confidence in your ability to help them then the likelihood is that they will be less inclined to buy into the process.
I have found that once coaches deal with their own limiting beliefs and come to a better understanding of the true value that they can offer clients the issue of charging a fair rate to clients becomes a non - issue. Far from losing clients because they are charging more, clients have a greater vested interest in engaging fully with the process and the results are greatly enhanced.
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