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01/07/2013: Can a Happy Workforce Really Make a Difference to Your Company’s Success?

If you've had the chance to catch the new BBC, fly-on-the-wall documentary, The Call Centre, you can be forgiven if you think that CEO Nev Wilshire may have some unorthodox methods when it comes to motivating his staff but when 'selling' is a vital part of your business' success, Nev maintains 'happy people sell'.

Nev may arm-wrestle his staff, get them to sing and dance during their working day and even match-make, as he tries to fix single members of staff up together, but on the serious side of business, Nev proclaims that if you surround yourself with the right people - the rest is easy.

As an advocate for positive leadership, I couldn't agree more. The benefits of a happier workforce stretch much further than good team morale. And, a more positive and happier workforce can produce higher standards of work and increase productivity. Therefore, it's my view that improving the positivity and happiness of your staff has to be an efficient and effective business strategy.

Choosing to be positive and happy, looking at ways to change perception, interpreting motives and developing more positive beliefs, are just some of the many subjects covered in my book, Chariots on Fire, in which my own experiences and those of other business leaders, who have implemented my techniques, talk about creating 'the positive advantage'.

Equally, my other book, Manage Your Staff More Effectively is the perfect read for managers and supervisors who find certain aspects of their job quite daunting, and who struggle to deal as effectively as possible with staff and get the best out of their team.

Both these titles are now available to download via The Endless Bookcase or via Amazon Kindle.

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