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09/10/2013: Are you a workaholic?

The end of the summer is upon us and that can mean only one thing for workaholics; with the kids back at school, the holidays over, nothing stands in your way of non-stop round-the-clock work until the next school or public holiday - Christmas.

According to a recent US study, working more than 50 hours a week can make you a workaholic and this can seriously damage your mental and physical health and well-being.

The study found that workaholics were more likely to have reduced physical well-being, measured by skipped meals, along with reduced mental well-being as measured by a self-reported depression score.

Researcher Sarah Asebedo, of Kansas State University, who conducted the survey, concedes that some workaholics already know, but for reasons personal or financial don't know what to do about it: "Even if you understand the negative consequences of workaholism, you may still be likely to continue working because the cost of not doing so becomes greater.

"Sometimes you find people don't like what they are doing and they want to make a change, yet financially they don't know how they can accomplish that."

If you think you could be or are a workaholic - I can help you readdress the balance in your life by holding a mirror up to you and all aspects of your life and allowing you to listen to yourself to see where to changes need to be made, and then I can help you put those changes in to practise.

I will help you work through problems such as decisions about your career path, improving your confidence, assessing your personal motivation and improving your self-esteem using techniques such as problem solving skills, time management, and differentiating between urgent and important issues.

My methods with workaholics have helped many people to put their lives in perspective and establish, then maintain, a more reasonable work life balance. Achieve more by doing less!

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