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07/07/2011: Are You Good Enough? Are You Worthy?
Who decides whether you are good enough or worthy to achieve success, love, affluence?

YOU do although for many people the script which runs around in their head saying over and over ?You aren?t good enough, you are stupid, you?ll never make anything of yourself?.? belongs to a parent, teacher or relative who made inappropriate comments when you were little.

I was speaking to a client recently who at 44 was still listening to his infant teacher?s voice in his head saying he was stupid and wouldn?t make anything of himself. This is a client who has created a glass ceiling keeping him from the business success he was patently capable of

Of course he hadn?t realised that this was the case till we spoke. (This is commonly the case) The reality is actually very different. This is a man with a high level of qualification, a wide range of successes in other spheres under his belt who sabotaged his attempts to build his business because he held onto the erroneous belief he was stupid.

As soon as he became aware of the limiting belief which was creating the glass ceiling he could begin to deal with it.

I?m happy to report that he is enjoying a very different level of business success and has increased his profitability several times over. He now has a very different set of beliefs about his worthiness and the evidence to back it up.

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