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18/07/2011: Who Do You Think Is Running Your Life?

It is your life or at least that's the myth. For many of us the reality is actually very different.

Let me ask you, whose permission is required before you allow yourself to take a particular course of action? Whose voice is it you hear in your head telling you what you could have done or should do? Whose moral compass do you use ? yours? your partner's? your parent's? your ancestor's? When do you actually allow yourself to be truly free to do the things you dream of?

Many of my clients come because they feel that there is something keeping them from being really successful. On examination they discover that their lives are being controlled by beliefs which were installed by other's limited thinking. Often it is their parent's constant reminders to be careful, not to expect too much from life or themselves which govern their decisions. As soon as that thinking is challenged there is the opportunity to reassess not only what is wanted and how success will be measured but a sudden realisation that those scripts which have been running in the background can simply be switched off and other far more empowering ones installed.

I'm reminded of a conversation I had with a guy who really whose dream it was to fly planes. It was his dream to fly Concord. His initial thinking was that children brought up as he was would never get to be a pilot. His parents and teachers would warn him not to get his hopes up in case he was disappointed. He was inclined to believe them but something nagged away at him and he applied to be a pilot. No one was more surprised than he when he was accepted. He had jumped the first hurdle. He had managed the challenge and became a commercial pilot. Yet he still had a hankering to fly Concorde.

He was at a training session for pilots and got speaking to the instructor over a cup of coffee. He started to talk to the instructor saying how much he loved flying but his true wish was to fly Concorde. He told the instructor that he thought it was simply a pipe dream and that it would never happen. The instructor pulled him up short with the following "someone has got to do it, why shouldn't it be you?"

He pondered this for a while and life went on and he forgot about the conversation until some years later when he saw a small advert for an experienced pilot to fly Concord. He immediately thought that he'd love to be that pilot but dismissed the idea as being something which happened to others. For several days he did nothing until he recalled the conversation he'd had with the instructor all that time ago.

There was a sudden shift in his thinking. What was the worst that could happen? If he tried and failed he would be no worse off than he was at present. He decided to apply for the position. Rather than dwelling on the possibility of failing he remembered "someone has to be successful, it might as well be me!" That change in his thinking, was to change his life for ever.

He gave a cracking interview, got the job and the rest as they say is history.

You have a choice in what ever course of action you take. So why not choose the most empowering option, give yourself permission to fly and to be successful. If you feel you have reached a glass ceiling, or are fearful of making the wrong choice and want to give yourself the most positive advantage why not contact me. Click on the header of any page

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