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18/07/2011: We Have So Much To learn from Babies
Watch any baby learning to walk and you have an incredible lesson in self-belief and persistence. Babies are uncluttered by the panoply of limiting beliefs which hold most of us adults back. They decide that they want to walk and nothing or no-one gets ion their way. If they fall down ? they get up again. A bumped bottom is no barrier. Failing to walk does nothing to bruise their ego, they are simply focussed on creating success! They look for anything or anyone to hold them up, they clutch at any outstretched hand, armchair, table or passing dog and see it as something to help them achieve their goal. They don?t worry what other?s will think if they accept help, or what they look like, or how many times they falter and fall. They simply focus on their goal ? to walk unaided.

Just think how life would be as an adult if we lived our lives in this way. How often have you avoided doing something or done something half - heartedly because you were frightened what others would think of you? How many of you have decided not to try at all in case you failed? How many of you look upon asking for help as a weakness and have struggled on when a bit of help would have made all the difference?

I?ve learned to walk three times in my life time. Twice as an adult and it has been a real challenge. I?ve learned much from the process but probably the most important things have been that everything starts with that first step. That if you keep working at things, however difficult it may be, you will make progress. That progress can be measured in different ways and that it is easy to over -estimate what you can achieve in a day or a week and to hugely under ? estimate what you can achieve in a year or two.

Next time you are facing a challenge think about the absolute conviction babies have that they will succeed and model it. To that conviction add the absolute determination and persistence that babies employ when learning to walk and your success will be within your grasp.

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