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18/07/2011: You get what you Focus On
One of the principles of NLP, ENLP and the Law of attraction is that you get what you focus on. I and my clients are living proof that this principle is true in so many ways.

When things are going wrong in your life it is very easy to fall into the trap of dwelling on all the problems. Interestingly when you dwell of the problems, the lack you have in your life it appears to grow. Noticing everything which is going wrong, all the things you can't afford, can't do and don't want appears to make them grow and take on greater significance.

This is not only true about us as individuals. You only have to listen to someone complaining to feel all your positivity and lightness draining away. It is absolutely contagious. When you are part of an organisation where the culture is negative problems assume even more significance. As they do so, morale, creativity and productivity all reduce.

The same is true when you spend time with those who have a positive and buoyant approach to life. You feel your mood lift and suddenly things which appeared to be too difficult become possible. Organisations which have a "can do" approach succeed in situations where others would falter and fail.

As a wheelchair user it would be very easy to focus on the things I can't do, yet when I focus on all the things I can do they far outweigh the negative. What is your default setting? Do you look for the things which are going wrong in your life or those which are going well. If you are reading this blog the chances are you come from a background where you have enough to eat, clean water and a roof over your head, you can read and write and have a world of wonderful possibilities out there if you choose to see them.

For a week why not make a conscious decision to look for everything in your life which is going well and to look for the gift in the things which are challenging. Of course this can seem daunting if it is not your usual way of looking at things so if you'd like some help why not contact me by clicking onto the header of any page on the website.

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