Harnessing the Power of Your Potential - As an Empathic Influencer & Leader

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As we move into the new era of consciousness it is time for those of you who are aware to step up and to be ready to make a positive difference in the world.

I believe that Empaths and those who are highly sensitive have a very special role to play as inspirational leaders in this period of transition and challenge.

However, before they can fulfil their potential in supporting others it is imperative that they step into their genuine power and own their considerable gifts.

Many Empaths get caught up in the limitations of poor self-worth, they measure their self-worth by their net-worth and have a real issue with money and in particular charging for their services. AND YET the same Empaths offer great value to the people they serve.

Empaths have the capacity to facilitate great expansion and awareness for and with others. Sadly there are many Empaths who are failing to deal with the baggage which holds them back. They are stuck in the vortex of their limiting beliefs, outdated thinking, old conditioning and negative patterns of language and behaviours. Those who are frightened to step out of their comfort zone will not only limit themselves from stepping into their genuine power but will in turn hold others back.

The expansion of consciousness is accelerating at a significant pace. Empaths have a significant choice to make:

To move forward, to stop procrastinating and hiding in the shadows, or making excuses, to step up, and take radical responsibility for owning their significant power and helping humanity navigate the challenges ahead.


To get left behind.

Your choice! But don't delay in making that choice, time is of the essence and you are very much needed!

You don't need to do it alone.

GGA offers a number of options to help you own your genuine power and accelerate your journey as a Spiritual Matriarch or Patriarch To illuminate the way as an Empathic, Inspirational Leader.

Empath Option 1 - 1 Day Retreat
Harness Your Power as an Empath Influencer & Leader 1 Day VIP Retreat
Empath Option 2 - 2 Day Intensive
Harness Your Power as an Empath Influencer & Leader 2 vDay VIP Intensive
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