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Here is a personal invitation to join me for a 'Harness Your Power As An Empath Leader' VIP Retreat, where you will start to learn how to unlock the vault of your limitless potential as an Empath.

As we move into the 'new era of consciousness' there is a need for Empaths to step out of the darkness of their self-imposed limitations to become the light for others.

To step into your GENUINE POWER and fulfil your purpose fully requires you to let go of limiting beliefs, old unhelpful conditioning and patterns of behaviour and to recognise it is entirely your choice whether you stay stuck or step into the light.

It is vital that you recognise that if your choice whether or not to stay stuck in the cycle of I can't because… I have to be fully healed before… I must wait for inspiration in order to… BUT if you do, you will continue in the same holding pattern you are in now and that is sad. HOWEVER in holding yourself back you are also holding back and delaying the expansion of consciousness in those you would otherwise be able to help.

This is even more critical. Consider that in holding them back you are also delaying the expansion of those who would be helped by those you help.

There is no time for delay!!!!

It is time to step up, to embrace your power and fulfil your destiny!

I am able to draw upon my 30 years' experience of helping clients successfully develop confidence and begin to unlock their true potential.

In this VIP Day experience, we will create the agenda together to suit where you are now and where you want to be.

Themes include:

  • Identifying the key to unlock your true potential as an Empath
  • Understanding the limiting beliefs and old patterns of behaviour which are holding you back
  • Creating a greater sense of self-worth, uncoupling your self-worth from your net-worth
  • The power of forgiveness - giving yourself the gift
  • Creating A Strategic Way Forward
The VIP Day is a 4-4½-hour virtual experience (with breaks) Price $997 Book or enquire now
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