Empath - Option 2
VIP Intensive 2 Day

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In this 2 day VIP Day experience the extra day gives us the time to explore and uncover even greater potential in you.

Are you ready to unlock your power as an Empath or will you be one of those Empaths who stay stuck in a loop of unawareness of your greater potential, who play small and are fearful of stepping into the spotlight?

This is no time to be held back by limiting beliefs, or old outmoded patterns of behaviour?

Is your relationship with money one which empowers you or is it a poverty driven model?

Would you like to fully own your power, to have a greater sense of your own worth and the value you offer others?

You are needed now more than ever before. Only when you embrace your considerable potential as an Empath will you be able to fulfil your true purpose and make the difference to the many who really need you.

It is time to step out - to be a beacon of light for others and to fulfil your true purpose.

Time is of the essence!!

Your time is NOW!!!!

Themes Include:
  • Understanding Your Enlightened Why? (creating and sharing your expanded vision and sense of purpose)
  • The Power of Mindful Thinking & Greater Self Awareness
  • Dealing with Self Limiting Beliefs (particularly around money) & Tapping into The Limitless You
  • Taking Radical Responsibility for Your Shifts & Empowering Others to Do the Same
  • Unlocking Your Hidden Treasures as an Empath to Elevate Yourself & Your Clients
  • Unleashing Your Power as an Empath
  • Owning Your True Worth
  • Creating A Living Legacy
2x 4-4½-hour virtual experience (with breaks)
Price $2997 Book or enquire now
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