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Productive & Profitable Business Enhancement - Two Workshops for Witham

Strategic Development of Your Business
Nurture the Treasure which is Your Team
Business offers lots of challenges, detours and seeming dead ends, these can stop you in your tracks, causing you to get stuck in the morass of feeling overwhelmed or they can act as the impetus to achieve a better way of being.

What can you do during these uncertain times to thrive rather than merely survive? Discover how you can create sustained success in your business and life.

You will learn the principles and strategies and how to apply them as you navigate your way through business challenges. It is important to remember that you remain in the driving seat. It is up to you how fast you go, where you begin your journey and which elements you want to focus on.
Too Busy Working in Your Business? (01:49:00)

We offer Corporate Retreats designed to help you as the business owner develop your business to greater levels of success but in a holistic and sustainable way

There are two retreats, each of which focus on a vital strand of leadership. They are designed to support you in your role as an Enlightened Leader. The two strands are 'The Strategic Development Of Your Business' and 'Nurture the Treasure Which is Your Team'. Each day works as a stand-alone exercise, but, taken in combination, the two work synergystically to create a very powerful duo.

Each Retreat consists of a 4-4½-hour virtual experience (with breaks).

These Corporate Retreats are run on a rolling programme throughout the year.

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