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Productivity & Profit Option 2 - Nurture the Treasure Which is Your Team for Stratford, West Ham, Maryland

Profitable Enlightened Leaders recognise the treasure which is their team and create the culture, custom and practices to nurture and develop their potential. Everyone wins. Staff become more motivated and engaged when they take shared ownership of the organisations' WHY'.

Helping each member of your team see themselves as the 'leading professional' in their role whether that is the CEO or the cleaner and valuing each person for their contribution is a vital part of a Profitable Enlightened Leader's role.

This Corporate Retreat is designed to offer you the underpinning principles and practical strategies to get the very best out of your team and in doing so support the ongoing success of your business.

Nurture The Treasure of Your Team BY:
  • Modelling the Behaviours You Want from Others
  • Making the Most of Your Treasure - Your Team
  • Identifying the Characteristics of a Self-Organising Team
  • Creating Self Organising Teams
  • The Power of Language
  • Taking Radical Responsibility
  • Holding People to Account Constructively
  • Creating Effective Brand Ambassadors and Great Customer Service
The VIP Day is a 4-4½-hour virtual experience (with breaks)

Usual Price $997* Covid Compassionate Price $497 (Per person, Max 6 people)

When both days are purchased together

2x 4-4½-hour virtual experience (with breaks)
Usual Price $1997 Covid Compassionate Price $897 - (Per person, Max 4 people)
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