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The ability to communicate with others, no matter what their background makes all the difference in your capacity to succeed both personally and professionally. Have you ever wondered why it is that what others hear is not necessarily what you meant or intended?

Would you find it helpful to feel confident when having those 'difficult' conversations, to engage others in a purposeful and meaningful way and to feel empowered to communicate with anyone in an confident and articulate way?

Ask yourself: How confident are you in your ability to communicate effectively with people at work and in your personal life? Do you find it easy to say what you want to and know that it will be interpreted as you intend?

Effective communication is at the centre of every relationship - business or pleasure. This Corporate Retreat is designed to give you an understanding of the principles for successful communication and a range of practical strategies to help you become a confident and effective communicator.

More and more highly successful business people understand and harness the power of the communication with their inner wisdom or intuition. Warren Buffet and Richard Branson openly acknowledge that they owe much of their success to their capacity to tune into and use conscious intuition.

In this corporate and business focused training, we explore how you can build on your existing communication skills and tune into your conscious intuition to support greater success in your business, your professional and your personal life.
Themes covered:
  • To develop personal confidence and competence in communication skills
  • To understand how using body language and tone can be used to improve communication
  • To understand how learning styles and approach can impact on successful communication
  • To develop a range of practical skills which underpin effective communication
  • Creating left and right brain cohesion and why it is so important in business
  • To develop an understanding of the potential of your 'conscious' intuition and strategies for developing it and using it in the business context
Communication Skills Mastery Corporate Retreat

The Communications Skills Mastery retreat is a 4-4½ hour virtual experience (with breaks)
Price $997. Book or enquire now
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