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Gina Gardiner Associates - Personal & Spiritual Development

Personal & Spiritual Development
To be an Enlightened Leader you must first lead yourself!

"Enlightenment, personal mastery and leadership refinement are the core components required for creating new landscape of leadership"

Is this value for money?

Creating and maintaining the competitive edge requires great leadership. The strategies and principles within this programme have been proven to increase productivity and profitability so long as they are used consistently. Learning to be an Enlightened Leader is not simply about business, it is designed to enhance your life, your relationships with yourself and others professionally and personally. It is a programme for living a happy, successful and fulfilled life - the value of that is its priceless!

The length of the programme and the significant levels of support are designed to give you the greatest chance of lasting success.
Do I have the time?
The programme does require an investment of your time but the rewards of becoming an enlightened leader are well worth the investment.
Will it work for me?
Like anything in life, the more you engage the more you will get out of the Enlightened Leadership Programme.
I've been on leadership courses that haven't worked for me. How is 'Enlightened Leadership' different?
The programme is unique.
It sounds like a lot of hard work?
There will be work to do, as we have said right from the outset this programme does not pay lip service to your development, this programme not for the faint hearted.
Is the programme very complex?
The structure of the programme has been designed very carefully to help you develop personally, spiritually and professionally step by step.
What happens when the programme is over?
You become an Alumnus/Alumna of the Enlightened Leadership Programme
  • You have life time access to all of the current on-line leadership resources and to any future ones.
  • The Programme Itself
    Each month there will be different themes to support your ongoing development.
    Tools and Resources
    Welcome Pack
    As soon as you have been accepted onto the Enlightened Leadership Programme you will be sent your Welcome Pack with the off-line core resources and a detailed overview of the content of the whole programme.
    Costs & Booking
    Cost $10,000 special Covid price of $6000

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