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Gina Gardiner Associates - The Positive Advantage for Tilbury

Corporate Coach, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

Gina has a long and successful track record of providing leading-edge training and development and next-level solutions to those who wish to unleash their limitless potential personally and professionally.

She helps leaders in a wide variety of contexts to redefine themselves as Enlightened Limitless Leaders. Creating ever greater awareness, ongoing development of confidence and comprehension, strategic planning and consistent focussed action leading to the raising of consciousness has been the foundation of her highly successful consulting and coaching. Her holistic approach enables leaders and their teams to be clear about their purpose and to redefine the way in which they approach leadership and life. The result is positive working relationships, greater engagement and motivation leading to significantly increased productivity and profitability, a better work-life balance, greater job satisfaction and improved wellbeing.

Gina has spent over three decades facilitating leaders and their teams at every stage of their development own their genuine power and unleash their unlimited potential. Gina walks her talk - authenticity is a fundamental principle of Enlightened Limitless Leadership and one which she demonstrates consistently to all.

Her holistic approach to consulting, training and coaching supports the development of self-worth, confidence, self-reflection, emotional intelligence, curiosity, intuition in others.

The Gina Gardiner Associates Training Hub is a division of Genuinely New Leadership Hyperlink to It is just one of her many accelerated on-line learning environments offering a new definition of limitless leadership.

More About Gina…

Gina is a number one international multiple International Best Selling author and a 'Limitless Leader' Communicator and can be booked to speak at your virtual and live events. She is also the host of the "Leadership For Life" TV and Radio Show.

For more information and Gina's latest speaking schedule, simply click in the header of any page to email

Resilience Specialist
Dr Lizzy Bernthal, a resilience specialist, confidence coach, cultural change expert, international speaker and author who designs and delivers globally online and face to face Masterclasses, transformational 121 and group coachinag programmes.

After 25 years in the Army as a health professional and senior officer she's on a mission to remove toxicity in the workplace. This is through supporting female authentic leaders to find the confidence, resilience and awesomeness already within them so that they have their voice in the boardroom as they move from powerful to empowered.
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