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Help Others by Helping Yourself
Being of service and helping others has been an important and integral part of my life and the major motivation to my setting up Genuinely You Ltd. I have a big mission: To Positively impact on a million people by 2024 through the development of Enlightened Leadership. Sadly, the negative impact of poor leadership has been evident over the last few years and I believe it is vital that there is a fundamental shift in the quality of leadership if businesses and those who work in them are to thrive. I have over 30 years' experience of supporting personal empowerment and transformational leadership.

Right from the outset it was my plan to use a percentage of any profit from the business to support local projects around the world and to encourage those who signed up to any of the Genuinely You Projects to actively support them too. I'd like to share with you the wording from the part of my original plan for Genuinely You, written nearly three years ago:

"The Wider Thriving Together Tribe With Genuinely You"

We are all connected. The decisions we make, the actions we take, all have an impact on the people we know, the rest of mankind and the world in which we live. Every act of kindness, however small, is significant. If the human race is to thrive rather than simply survive, we must learn to enjoy our similarities and celebrate diversity.

An ancient African proverb recognises how profound even the smallest act can be. "If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven't spent the night with a mosquito" The Wider Thriving Together Tribe It is my intention that a percentage of the profits from Genuinely You Ltd will be used to provide funding to pump prime/support projects to help empower others as individuals, families and support communities to become more self-sufficient, to encourage greater community cohesion and to help the environment.
Genuinely You Reaches Out
I would be looking for us to work in association with existing organisation/s with a proven track record in this field.
Isn't it interesting how often the Universe offers multiple nudges?
B1G1 stands for "Buy 1, Give 1" Essentially it is a 'Business for Good' movement that allows any business to put kindness, caring and generosity at the heart of what we do.
Joint Effort, Shared Outcomes, Shared Joy
If you decide to join B1G1 I'd love you to use my code so that together we can see what we can achieve collectively.
Examples of Projects
Provide access to clean water for life by sponsoring a simple well and water pump.
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