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Seminars Led by Gina - Gina's Seminars for Essex

Gina's seminars lead attendees along a thought path structured to encourage them to think differently and to follow a radical path of action to make the best of their natural talents and gifts. They can be viewed as stand-alone thought-starters, a series of steps along the road or memory-joggers to measure the path taken against the planned ideal.

Details of what seminars are being delivered when can be found in the calendar of events page where bookings can be made for up to 100 delegates for each one. Of course with the current health pandemic, travel is restricted and gatherings at seminars are not possible, so delivery is being made via Zoom for the duration of the global restrictions.

Each session is 90 minutes of analytical probing, getting you to not only work out the answers but also to come up with your own questions for life, work, relationship and confidence testing situations. All change must start within, and the seminars are structured to find the starting point and help you draw a road map from there to wherever your potential is allowed to take you.
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