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It is hard to be assertive. Many people find it is much easier to be aggressive. But as we all know aggression does not generally solve problems, it tends to either create one or to escalate them. A far better approach is to be assertive. You're far more likely to remain on good terms with the other person and to keep a sense of your own wellbeing. Being assertive will result in better relationships, higher self-esteem, less anxiety and depression. In short, you will feel more confident and powerful and trust in your own abilities to live a successful life in the company of others.

Sounds great, doesn't it. But like me, you know from experience that it can be hard to be assertive in the moments when we most need to. It is possible to train ourselves to become mindfully assertive. Just a few simple techniques, a few simple phrases and mindset habits will be the difference between getting bullied or getting angry and being assertive.

I've created a programme which will help you do just that. It offers you tried and tested approaches, techniques and some simple phrases to help you confront the issue rather than be confrontational, aggressive or left feeling you wish you had said something but had felt unable to do so. Cost of this module is £45 $60 - Use our payments page to subscribe and receive your link and access credentials. Click here to purchase

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