Image: 18 - The Enchanted Festival. Listen to music, rethink your strategy

If you are going to the Enchanted Festival in Stock on October 12th, you may come back with more than just a souvenir teeshirt. Gina is speaking at the festival about the life-changing content of her book "Chariots on Fire", provoking thought about a new perspective and some positive ideas about change in your business and personal life.

Dan Reed, musician and curator of the festival said. "Enchanted is about re-igniting and exercising the creativity we allow to stagnate in our 'going faster is better' approach to music and art.". To music and art, you could add, "our whole lives". Creative solutions come more readily when you take up the simple attitude adjustments put forward in Gina's books and talks, helping us to free up the thought processes and make the right decision more readily.

The music will be great, the surroundings idyllic and the talk thought provoking. See you there! Check out the Enchanted Festival website for more details.

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