Image: 19 - Autumn - old life gives way to new

Autumn is a time for catharsis, the beginning of the necessary death in nature that brings new life bursting through in spring. In our working lives it is a good time to think in a way similar to nature. Get rid of the dead wood and devote all energies to reaching our personal and professional goals.

Having had a break in the summer gives an opportunity to take a look at working practices and habits, to assess the elements in our working life that really contribute to our goals, and those which are just there through habit, adding little or no value to the time that we spend at work.

Often the problem is that being too close to the action it is difficult to look objectively and analyse the structure of our working pattern. With a little help however, things can very quickly become clear. By standing outside and looking in, it becomes easier to assess strategic options and to make the correct desicions. I work one to one with business people to help them identify what is contributing and what is just habit. We can then work together to make the most of the good and leave the bad behind. To organise an autumn assessment session, call the number shown above or click in the header of any page to email me. Take the first step to clearing your path to success in 2014.

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