Image: 20 - Opportunity and perception, risk and reward. See things your way

Our perception shapes the quality of our lives. Every coin has two sides and depending on which one we focus on dictates how we will react to any situation or opportunity. Helpful or not helpful. Fear or excitement. Opportunity or threat. All of these alternatives and more are presented to us daily and we have to make the right choices.

In Chariots on Fire, Gina examines how we can all make more of the right choices and follow the positive course of action by perceiving ourselves differently. The best way of finding opportunity is to look for it in the belief that it is there. Reading this book can give you the tools to make the shift in perception that will make you master of your own destiny. Follow this link to order online. If you prefer to phone, call the number shown above, or click in the header of any page if you want to send Gina an email.

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